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Drug Rehab Kentucky

In Kentucky there are many residents who abuse illicit street drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs each year. The prescription drug problem is one which is very much a problem through the rest of the U.S. as well and, it isn't uncommon for Kentucky residents who have been legitimately prescribed prescription narcotics to become dependent and begin using these drugs to get high. Likewise, such prescription pain killers are also used among illicit drug users who experience a high similar to other opiates such as heroin. Due to the fact that there are so many consequences that Kentucky residents experience as a result of any type of substance abuse, it is crucial that addicted Kentucky residents avail themselves of the effective drug rehab programs available in the state to help them overcome substance abuse before it is too late. There are a number of different treatment facilities and approaches to choose from, so there is hope for even the most progresses cases of addiction to be resolved if the individual enters the drug rehab program in Kentucky which is the best fit.

For someone who has never dealt with addiction personally, it can be difficult to understand why someone would continue abusing drugs or alcohol despite the severe consequences that this can cause. But you have to understand that these consequences are the last thing on their mind, although this doesn't mean that they don't want to quit or that they are a bad person. Individuals let substance abuse persist not because they are evil, but because of the intense physical and psychological dependence that users quickly develop to their drug of choice, a dependence which makes them seek out and use drugs through any means possible. A drug problem could start out "innocently", and through casual or recreational use for example. No matter how seemingly innocent this may seem at the time, this can very quickly turn into a full blown dependence which the individual constantly has to feed. This becomes a viscous cycle and as any addict can tell you, it isn't a life they would choose if they could have foreseen the outcome.

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, there are typically many sporadic attempts to try and put an end to it on their own. However, most addicted and dependent drug and alcohol users will need help doing so, and the sooner they get this help the less consequences they and everyone else will experience and the sooner they can get back their quality of life. It can be difficult however for addicted individuals in Kentucky to accept defeat and realize they will not be able to end addiction on their own and will ultimately need help in doing so. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary for family and friends to intervene. A drug intervention is the ideal intervention tool, because it can present drug rehab in a way that is digestible to the addict, without running a guilt trip on them which often has the opposite effect loved ones are going for.

A drug intervention is a tool that works when all else has failed, even if the individuals has refused to go to drug rehab in Kentucky in the past, and even if they choose to remain in denial. A drug intervention is a very uncomplicated process, but it is an exact process. Most importantly, it must include participants who are willing to confront the addict with truth, and also be willing to lay down consequences which must be held to if the person doesn't go to rehab in Kentucky. So if this is the next step, a drug intervention can be held immediately with or without the help of a professional interventionist and preparations can be made immediately for the person's arrival in drug rehab in Kentucky.

When someone is fortunate enough to make it to a drug rehab in Kentucky, drug detox is necessary so that they can be physically stabilized and so that they are no longer experiencing the effects of drug or alcohol or withdrawal symptoms from these substances. One of the reasons drug rehab in Kentucky is so important is because of the supervision and care available in facilities in Kentucky, which can actually be lifesaving for some clients. Some individuals experience symptoms so severe during withdrawal that it can be life threatening, which is particularly the case with alcohol and certain prescription drugs known as benzodiazepines. So in a drug rehab in Kentucky, clients can be closely monitored by detox professionals and physicians to avoid any of these serious consequences. But more importantly, they can get through detox safely and then continue on with actual treatment.

Drug rehab in Kentucky should always consist of actions and activities to rehabilitate a person to the point where they can have the confidence to have a drug free lifestyle. This doesn't happen overnight, nor can it be accomplished simply by becoming abstinent and detoxing someone. Different drug rehab programs in Kentucky have different approaches, but the most effective ones have been those which treat addiction as a choice. Such programs differ from the traditional approach, and provide the individual with the treatment they need to be able to make more proactive choices in their lives and set up the lifestyle that is conducive to sobriety. Behavioral therapy, life skills training, and social skills building are all essential treatment tools in drug rehab programs in Kentucky whose goal it is to rehabilitate their clients so they have not only remain drug free but have a higher quality of life. The length of time needed in drug rehab in Kentucky will almost always vary from person to person, so long term residential and inpatient drug rehab programs in Kentucky are the way to go in terms of ultimate treatment setting and the correct estimation of time suitable for the task at hand.

Contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab in Kentucky today to get any questions answered and perhaps hold a drug intervention to get someone you care about started in drug rehab right away.


Kentucky Drug Statistics

1. Throughout the state of Kentucky, diverted pharmaceuticals such as OxyContin Lortab, and Lorcet, continue to be a serious drug problem.

2. Kentucky is undergoing a rapid growth in the number of Meth laboratories and is also one of the leading source states for domestically grown Marijuana.

3. In 2005, in Kentucky, there were a total of 249 traffic alcohol related death cases and in 2006 there were 272 alcohol traffic death cases.

4. There were 722 drug related deaths in Kentucky during the Fiscal Year of 2007.

5. In 2010, opiates and prescription drugs were the commonly abused drugs cited by the primary drug treatment centers in Kentucky.

6. In 2009, the state of Kentucky was the nation's 4th largest illicit producer of domestic Marijuana.

Drug Facts
  • Serious alcohol withdrawal can produce delirium tremens (DTs) which produces profound confusion, hallucinations, and severe autonomic nervous system over-activity.
  • Mistaking poisonous mushrooms for magic mushrooms will typically cause diarrhea, vomiting and even seizures which may cause a slow, agonizing death.
  • Methadone purchased illicitly in the street is of uncertain purity and dosage, and individuals have no idea what they are actually buying or if the drug has been tampered with.
  • Breast feeding should not be attempted by someone using OxyContin, because of the possibility of sedation or respiratory depression in the infant.